Initial Treatment – Allow up to 60 minutes

Including consultation, postural analysis, joint assessment if necessary and treatment.


Standard Treatment – Allow up to 45 minutes

Your treatment will include joint reassessment if necessary, along with general massage and may also include some of the specific techniques listed below. Click on each technique for more information.


Block Booking Saver – 6 treatments saving £30.00

Ideal if you are looking for regular general maintenance massage


Kinesiology Taping

RockTape is the leading brand of kinesiology tape. It works by creating convolutions or wrinkles to the skin. This decompresses the superficial tissues and is believed to have 3 main effects: Fluid effect – improving blood and lymphatic flow in the taped area Mechanical effects – improving the slide and glide in the tissue layers Neurological effect – altering the perception of pain and improving body awareness

Postural Assessment

A full body analysis, taking your general posture into consideration along with your neck, scapula and pelvic alignment. This is carried out during the initial appointment along with a thorough consultation.

Positional Release Therapy

When a muscle is locked in a spas-mic cycle or ‘knot’, the body and tissues can be positioned in a place of comfort by shortening the muscle length while the neurological system can be manipulated to interrupt the cycle and bring the muscle length back to its ‘normal’ range. It is suitable for all ages and promotes healing by correcting musculoskeletal and neurological imbalances.

Joint Assessment

Taking the affected and surrounding joints through their active, passive and resisted range of motion and using muscle length tests and orthopaedic tests to assess your injury.

General Massage

Using several different massage techniques, including effleurage, petrissage, knuckling, loose wrists, reinforced effleurage and tapotement to create a personalised massage, whether it be for stress management, relief of tension, recovery from an injury, management of a neurological condition or preparation/recovery from a sporting event.  

Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is a highly sensitive area in the body which can cause referred pain. The therapy aims at releasing the trigger point by applying localised, regular ischemic (restriction of blood supply to the tissues) pressure to help flush out impurities by creating a surge of fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen.

Soft Tissue Release

This technique, sometimes known as ‘Pin and Stretch’ is ideal for those that have adhesions or scarring within the soft tissues. A strong, localised pressure is used to lock into the tissues, followed by a stretch which helps to release any adhesive bonds, restricting smooth movement of the tissues. STR increases glide between the soft tissues and can increase range of motion.

Muscle Energy Techniques

This technique is a form of manual therapy which uses a muscle’s own energy in the form of a gentle contraction performed by the client, to relax the muscles and restore muscle balance. MET’s can release excessive tension and restore normal length and elasticity to the muscles. The technique itself helps to improve self awareness and rebuild the neurological pathways.

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